Why Count Vapula?

Count Vapula was born from the frustration of the current vape pen market. Overpriced products that underdeliver.  As retail shop owners, we couldn't sell these items to our customers and keep a clear conscience.  We saw a gap in the market, and we knew we had the tools and knowledge to correct the imperfections of the competition.  Technology is constantly evolving and so is Count Vapula.  We listen to our customers, we engaged and we correct the issues.  Customer satisfaction is our only priority.

Evolved? What's changed?

Anyone who owned a v1 kit can tell you the leaps and bounds that our pen has made since its inception.  We've moved forward to usb passthrough charging, sturdier coils, custom made bell caps, and more powerful batteries.  There's no limit to the creative concepts for vape pens and we can never stop trying to improve. 

What's stayed the same?

Okay, so we've made some improvements but certain things will never change.  Our commitment to our product and our customers is growing stronger everyday.  We stand behind our lifetime warranty on our batteries and we understand that mass produced electronics, specifically those with small parts, can have a failure rate.  We are working hard to reduce the failure rate and improve the quality of our product without drastically changing the price.