Battery Error Codes

Error Codes are located in the user manual included with each kit.

V3 Error Codes

  1. Battery low:  Red button light when the fire button is pressed

  2. Recharge: Red button light will illuminate 10 times and the battery will shut off

  3. Charging: Red button light will illuminate to indicate charging in process. NEVER use a fast charger

  4. Full charge: Red button light will shut off when battery is fully charged

  5. Short circuit protection: A white/red button light will blink five times to indicate a short circuit and battery will turn off to protect against shorting.

  6. Time out protection: When the fire button is held for more than 20 seconds a white button light will blink eight times to indicate time out. This will protect the atomizer from burning.

  7. Low voltage protection. When the voltage drops to 3.3V, a red button light will blink 8 times and the battery will shut off.

The Count 2500mah Error Codes

  1. Recharge: Red light flashes 10 times then shuts off.

  2. Short circuit protect:  red light flashes 3 times then shuts off. Most common, is a part of the metal coil touching a sidewall of the coil. This can be fixed, by gently nudging the coil towards the center of the coil head.

  3. Low-resistance protect: if the resistance is below 0.2ohm, red light flashes 3 times then shuts off. Most commonly this is caused by a lack of tightness between the coil, and the base.

Extract Kit Error Codes

  1. Healthy Power-Off Function: When vaping for more than five seconds at a time, the LED light will flash three times then the power will be switched off automatically to prevent dry hits. The power will resume automatically when you take a new pull.

  2. Low-Voltage Alarm System:  When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, the low-voltage-alarm function will be functioning,with indicator light flashing 10 times continually as a reminder to charge the battery.

  3. Easy Charging: Connect the adapter through USB, charging indicator light will change from green to red.When the charging is complete, the indicator light will turn green again.