The V3 Kit



The portable and sleek Count Vapula V3 Mini is the latest regulated starter kit by Count Vapula and it packs a surprising array of features in its compact stainless steel body.

The CV V3 Mini allows for an unmatched variance in the resistance levels of coils: from sub-ohm levels as low as 0.5 ohms to higher levels of 1.0 or 1.5 Ohms.

Our V3 attachment tank fits together perfectly with the 900mah battery through the use of the optional 510 battery thread adaptor included in the kit.

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Large 900mah battery capacity

Kit includes 510 thread adaptor and Micro USB Charger

Power output 3.9V

20 second working time

10 minute auto shut-off feature

Cross slotted for increased airflow options

Lowest resistance 0.3 ohms

Complete stainless steel body

Gold plated electrodes

Micro USB 500mA charging port at the side

Count Vapula Mini Battery Kit Box Content:

1 x Count Vapula Mini 900mah Battery

1 x Micro USB Cable

1x 510 thread adaptor

1 x Manual

1 x Product warranty

Operation and Functions

Power On: Press the fire button five times and a mix of white and red light will blink three times to indicate that the battery is on

Power Off: Press fire button five times and a mix of white and red button light will blink three times to indicate that the battery is off

To Use: Press and hold fire button to inhale and white button light will indicate device is in use. If battery life is below 20%, a red button light will illuminate while in use, indicating low battery.

Battery low: A low battery will be indicated by red button light when the fire button is pressed.

Recharge needed: When the fire button is pressed a red button light will illuminate 10 times and the battery will shut off. Battery must be recharged to use again.

Charging: Plug the micro USB in the charging port at the side of the battery. When the battery is being charged a red button light will illuminate to indicate charging in process. NEVER use a fast charger (See warnings below).

Full charge: When the battery is fully charged, the red button light will shut off and charging will stop to protect against overcharging and draining battery without usage.

Short circuit protection: A white/red button light will blink five times to indicate a short circuit and battery will turn off to protect against shorting.

Time out protection: When the fire button is held for more than 20 seconds a white button light will blink eight times to indicate time out. This will protect the atomizer from burning.

Low voltage protection. When the voltage drops to 3.3V, a red button light will blink 8 times and the battery will shut off.

510 Thread Adaptor:

An optional item that is included in the kit. Threading on this adaptor will change the 510 female at the top of the battery to a 510 male to allow for multiple different tank and attachment options for the user. Always use care when threading tanks and attachments onto battery threads. Never force any tank or attachment onto battery as cross threading your battery will permanently damage your battery and is not warranted.

Coil Replacement:

Unscrew the atomizer base from the atomizer tube. The coil will be attached to the base. Unscrew the coil from the atomizer base. Screw a new coil into the atomizer base and screw back the top tube onto the atomizer base. (Note: Please prime every coil before first-time use.)

Priming Coil:

FOR TANKS AND CARTOMIZERS : Before using any new coil or tank, drip a few drops of your liquid on top of the cotton on the inside of the coil if possible and let the product sit for several minutes so that the liquid has enough time to soaked into the cotton wicking. Make sure all coils are primed before first time use.

FOR CBD WAX COILS: When using a Count Vapula v3 or other wax coil, pulse the new coil until coil(s) evenly heat. The usual pulse time to prime a coil would be to hit the button for a couple seconds about 5 times repeatedly. This will increase life of coil when coil hot spots are eliminated before use.

During shipping and storage, coils may get jostled which can cause them to develop "hotspots." We recommend “priming” a new coil to increase its life. Depending on proper use and maintenance, our coils are designed to last 1-2 months.

Step 1: Screw coil into base. Do NOT overtighten. Do NOT put product in the coil until after it is primed.

Step 2: Turn battery on and pulse the power button in 1-3 second intervals with a 5 second pause between pulses. The number of pulses may vary but the average is 5 pulses. Pulse the button until coil glows evenly. Another technique to ensure coil longevity is to lightly stroke the sides of the coil with a clean metal tool. Do NOT put pressure on the coil. Do NOT fire the device while you are brushing the coil. This technique will separate the coil(s) slightly and provide more even heat across the wire. Treat coils light a light bulb filament. Be extremely gentle when touching coils and when loading product into coil cup.

Step 3: Avoid putting too much product in your coil cup. Placing more than 1 or 2 scoops into the coil at a time will reduce your coil life and drain your battery. Overloading the coil may also cause a coil to burn out immediately. Note: Only new coils need priming

Airflow Adjustment:

Note airflow adjustments and rings around the base of tanks and attachments you may use with your battery.

Battery Life Indication:

White button light on pressing the fire button = 20 to 100% battery life

Red button light on pressing the fire button = 0 to 20% battery life


KEEP AWAY and out of reach FROM CHILDREN. The device should only be used by and sold to individuals over 18 years of age.

NEVER use “fast chargers” or “quick chargers” (commonly used 2 amp cell phone USB wall blocks) to charge your Count Vapula battery. Using fast chargers may damage your battery and will void your warranty. We recommend using only a standard 1 amp usb block.

DO NOT submerge the battery in liquid.

KEEP battery AWAY from fire and extreme heat. Never leave a vape battery in a vehicle during extreme heat or cold.

DO NOT disassemble the product as the warranty on the product will be voided.

ALWAYS keep your Count Vapula battery turned off when not in use.

DO NOT press fire button if the battery is not in use.

Please refer to the Count Vapula product warranty information on our website for more information about any warranty claims

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